About Us

Asbes Away

Asbes Away

was established in 2013 and was initially operated by Gutter Innovations West Coast. Our connection with an older and mature company, gave us access to skilled staff from day one, which helped us to quickly establish ourselves as one of the preferred service providers in the asbestos industry. Although the company is young in business terms, we have been part of momentous events during the last decade in the Western Cape and surroundings, and as a company we were actively involved in all of them:

  • Three consecutive dry winters (2015–2017) which leads up to a possible day Zero.
  • Knysna fires in 2017. We worked along with other teams to clean asbestos contaminated areas, using local labour as far as possible.
  • Bett's Bay fires in 2019. Again, we were assisting with clean-up and decontamination operations.
  • Gouritsmond and surroundings, hailstorm in 2021. We worked with a community forum to assist with facilitating an efficient and economical clean-up process.

As a company we proved that we are able and professional and that our teams can manage projects of any size and complexity. We know where our Strength and Protection come, and we make no secret of our Christian values.

Our Vision is not only to be the preferred brand for all asbestos work, but to be branded for our uncompromising reliability and integrity.


Our Team

Asbes Away is proud to say that our board of directors are Nicolene Carstens and Monica Vorster.
Kobus Carstens is our CEO and Head of Finance and also have a hand in the daily consulting and sales of the company.
The rest of our managamenet team consist of Riaan Vorster who is Head of Operations, Riaan Coetzee who is Assistant Manager of Head of Operations and Dominique Snyman is our head of Administration.